Latest News about THE MUSE UNLOCKED and Book Teasers Roundup

Is it really Thursday already?

Oh my.

This week has been a blur in every sense of the word.

I won’t keep you long. Your day is almost over. For some of my friends on the other side of a big pool of Atlantic water, the evening’s already winding down.

I get that. I too am ready to call it a day. Except for that big pile of work sitting on my desk. Maybe if I just go in the other room and sit elsewhere I can casually forget about it.

Yeah. I know. That doesn’t really work. Not for long, at any rate.

I have some updates on the book front to share with you, as I continue to gear up for a JUNE 2013 release of my first book, a contemporary romance novel THE MUSE UNLOCKED.

I have a final cover… oooooooh! Now it’s just a matter of time and manner to unveil. I’m whipping up a little plan and hope to have that to share with you soon. Covers take time – finding just the right image, the right feel to convey what this book is all about, and this one didn’t veer off that usual path but now that it is done, I can tell you: I am quite excited about it and can’t wait to show you the final design!!

Ooh, and I’m hearing some lovely exclamations coming from my editor’s office, so this could be encouraging. She’s already indicated that she had a hard time focusing on proofing during one of the scenes because she – ahem – got distracted in the moment. That sounds promising to me! 😉 And all a writer can ever ask for! I should be able to do any clean up for the book over the next week or two, and make it available to you as an e-book by late May or June 1 as planned. Fingers crossed!!

And I’m very excited that I get to meet tomorrow with a wonderful person who is going to help me figure out the best way to share Cate and Oliver with the world, and there will be many cool things to tell you about happening over the next few months so stay tuned for all of that news as it becomes available.

I’ve had a few people ask me about book teasers. Some missed my earlier blogs during which I shared four different snippets from the book over the course of last month and this month.

So to make it more convenient,  I thought I’d share those links here again so you can go right to the blogs easily and scroll down to check out the teasers if you haven’t already. May is nearly here and something tells me that I may wish to share a little something else with my friends…more on that to come!



Teaser #1 – Introducing…Oliver and Cate

Teaser #2 – …Another Book Teaser for You

Teaser #3 – Big Cheers, Small Victories and Book Teasers

Teaser #4 – Overjoyed…Spilling Over (Teeny-Tiny Itsy-Bitsy Excerpt)

Tomorrow, I’m excited to invite another talented guest blogger to take the keys and drive this spaceship for the day as my special guest as part of CHRIS’S CORNER. This week, we’re celebrating…”them.” You know ’em. The wild ones, the rebels, the ones who feel it necessary to go it alone with an independent streak running down their back.

The Indie Author. Mmm-mmm-mmm. My new genus species that I myself have recently adopted!

You won’t want to miss it. Have a good night, folks. Settle in, put your feet up, catch up on some blogs, check out those teasers for some titillating moments and we’ll talk again…tomorrow.

Happy reading!


Overjoyed and Spilling Over

I’m going to quote one of my favorite contemporary romance authors M. Leighton and an exclamation found frequently sprawled across her Twitter and Facebook pages.


Yep. That about covers it.

The damage has been done.
The road has been traveled.
The email has zoomed outta there, from drafts to sent folder.
No turning back now.

The plump lady has sung, and in this case read, re-read, tweaked, paced, read, re-read some more, slept on it (literally) and quite possibly, done everything else she can other than roast, steam, rotisserrie or fondue the original draft of her first novel. It is now officially in the editor’s hands to wield whatever powerful magic spoon she has to whip up something tasty and decadent.

For the next several weeks, I must put that part of the job out of my mind and focus on all of the other fun pieces that go along with it…like website elements, book covers, playlists (yes, you can definitely count on that from this music-loving maniac), marketing and more.

In the meantime, I’m feeling generous. Here’s an ever-so-brief little passage from a phone conversation between Cate and Oliver. A short but sweet book teaser…just for you.

Happy reading!



Both became silent. She adjusted her position in the tub, and water slipped over the rim.

 “Are you taking a bath?”

 “Um. Yes.”

 Oliver let out a long exhale. “You realize I’m not going to be able to let you hang up now.”


 “Because if I were there, I would be kissing your lips…licking your neck…sucking on your breast…stroking your thighs…and many other incredible things in that general vicinity.”

 Cate sat up in the tub, a smile curling up the ends of her lips. “Mr. Sand, are you trying to seduce me?”

 “Would you like me to seduce you?” he whispered hoarsely.

Cate chuckled. “I love The Graduate. Wait a second. Are you Mrs. Robinson in this scene? Good for you playing against type.”

“I do what I can.  So what can I do for you, beautiful?”


Big Cheers, Small Victories and Book Teasers

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw the recent shouts of WOOT WOOT…or perhaps you even heard them from way the hell over there.

I’m thrilled to say that the first draft is written for my first book, a contemporary romance titled THE MUSE UNLOCKED



I’ll do a last read-through tomorrow, some final tweaks of my own and then pass it along formally to my book editor Monday for the month of April. Then…I’ll move on to the other moving parts with those respective players to help me with book cover design, website, and so on. It will be a busy two months ahead but I can’t wait for every little piece of the process to bring me one step closer to release.

I’ve shared a few book teasers here already to offer a little taste — one in my March 3 blog and the other in my March 9 blog — excerpts from the debut novel, scheduled for a June 2013 release. I do recall promising that I’d unveil a third book teaser this week from my upcoming book which introduces readers to an unlikely pair, 38-year-old screenwriter and author Cate Mullen and 28-year-old film actor and rising star Oliver Sand.

Without further ado…

Happy reading!


NortonSimon_DegasOliver sat down next to Cate on the large, square wooden bench at the center of one of the Norton Simon’s gallery rooms and watched her gaze at a sculpture. “Who did that?” he whispered to her.


“Edgar Degas. It’s called Aging Dancer. He’s mostly known for his paintings that capture each frame of movement and grace of the ballet dancer.” She looked over at him and smiled at how intensely he examined the piece as he sat beside her. Thankfully, the museum was not very busy, and Cate and Oliver had been successful escaping the attention of any onlookers who might recognize him. “Fan of the ballet, are you, Mr. S.?”


He smiled back. “Not especially, but I’ve taken my share of dance lessons over the years.”


Cate gasped at him in amusement. “The handsome actor dances, too?”


“It just so happens I do, and my moves aren’t too shabby,” he grinned, and Cate thought she detected a slight blush.


She leaned in and lightly brushed his ear with her lips, as she laid her hand on his upper thigh. “You will have to show me some of those acclaimed moves when we get back to your place.” She licked his ear lobe and gave it a light nibble for final punctuation, then let her hand brush across his leg.


Oliver’s eyes widened for a moment, and Cate watched the actor’s facial expression shift from shock to smirk. He quickly reached for the museum map in her hand and laid the opened brochure over his lap. She eyed him curiously, and he lowered his head down to graze her shoulder with his chin.


“Do you have any idea what you do to me when you say and do things like that?” he whispered hoarsely. His eyes held a heat behind them.


Cate glanced around the room and gazed down at his lap. Navigating her hand under the strategically placed paper, she rested her fingers on his thigh and let them casually graze over the zipper of his pants to discover Oliver pushing back against his jeans. She quickly removed her hand and stifled a giggle as he sat with folded arms over his chest looking anything but thrilled with her amusement over his “condition.”


She started to rise from the bench, but Oliver reached out to grab her arm. “Oh, no, you don’t. We’re going to sit here for a little while, okay?”


Cate chuckled at him and nodded. Score: curious teeth on Oliver’s succulent ear lobe, 1; sexy actors and their rebellious crotches, 0.



Saturday Means…Another Book Teaser for You

Last week, I shared with those who have been following along a little snippet from my upcoming book THE MUSE UNLOCKED, and introduced its leads Cate Mullen and Oliver Sand. Cate, 38, is an established author and TV and film screenwriter, and Oliver, 28, a rising young star who has experienced some early success in television and in supporting film roles. He has been cast to star as the leading man in Cate’s latest film project Madly. 

Recently, I blogged about my reasons for writing a book, and in particular, for writing this book and for this genre.  I’ve appreciated the encouraging feedback I’ve received about that blog as well as the one book teaser I’ve released so far. I was thrilled that a handful of you were already demanding a little more. Those of you who know me know that I am, after all, a people pleaser, so…I didn’t want to disappoint.

I do hope that you will continue to enjoy getting to know the characters as much as I have these past six months. Here is another little peek into Cate and Oliver’s lives as I share a new, slightly more extended scene with you as the two chat at her suburban L.A. home.

Happy reading!




Cate reached down to her coffee table and moved aside a landscape photography book to pull out a collection of Impressionist works. She thumbed through the index and located the page, straddling the large book across both of their laps so Oliver could view it.


“Wow, I see what you’re talking about. She doesn’t seem to be the least bothered that someone is poking their head into the room. She’s just there on display, peach buds and all,” he grinned slyly as he looked up at Cate who chuckled.


“At least she had the decency to cover up her naughty bits. And wear a flower in her hair,” she smiled back at him. “The painting wasn’t really appreciated very much then, but I think in its own way, it was as beautiful and magical as earlier works by some of the Renaissance artists who liked to place great goddesses on a pedestal. Literally. It’s a double standard. I think that’s why I like Manet so much. He didn’t worry about what people were going to think. He just created what he felt he needed to create and let the chips fall afterward.” She took a sip of her wine and looked over at him as he watched her, mouth slightly open and faint smile overtaking his lips.


“I like this Manet guy. Not worrying about what others think, just going with his gut.” Oliver studied his glass of wine. “I try to listen to my instinct but it can be tough.”


“In what way?”


“Out here in Hollywood, you have a lot of voices in your ear at all times telling you what they think you should be doing. But you learn right away that many of them aren’t looking out for you at all.”


Cate tilted her head and set the bottom of the glass on her lap. “So how do you do it? Manage all of that…noise?”


Oliver stopped studying his wine to look up at her. “I have to tune out any of those voices that aren’t in my best interest and focus only on those that are.”


“But how do you know?”


“You don’t. So you do what that painter did. You trust your gut and you let the chips fall. You listen to your heart, to what it’s telling you.”


Cate found herself gazing at the fullness of his lips and spoke quietly. “What is yours telling you now?”


Oliver lifted his glass and held it in Cate’s direction. “It’s telling me that I’m sitting across from a smart, funny, sexy woman and if I even think of leaving, I’m a crazy fool. So I’m staying put, if that’s alright with you.” He smirked and took a sip.


Cate felt the butterflies nestled in her abdomen do a jig at this last remark. She nervously tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and smiled shyly.


Oliver stood up to walk across the room and examine the other prints on the walls. “How do you know all of this? I didn’t realize you were such an art expert.” Oliver seemed smitten by the new discovery.


Cate shook her head. “Believe me, I’m the furthest thing from an expert. I’m just an appreciative fan and when I was younger – much younger – I had a chance to study some of these artists in school and in Paris, as part of a study group.”


Oliver swung his body around and eyed her with amusement.


“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Cate was puzzled at his reaction.


He shook his head. “You’re always surprising me.” Oliver sniffed across the rim of his glass and took another sip. “I like this. Is it cabernet?”


“No, shiraz. Not everyone enjoys its richness but I thought I’d take a chance and see what you thought.” She rested the bottom of her glass on her thigh again and tucked her feet beneath her.


Oliver smiled back at her. “I’m glad you took a chance.”