Like a wrapped up present hiding behind a colorful veil…
The wrapping isn’t always a reflection of what’s inside.

You might see flashy paper, bright sparkles, big swirls and curious squiggles, when inside, a quiet, gentle package awaits.
Don’t be fooled by boldness and color. For it may be pale, bland and empty; dull, colorless and boring; normal, plain and ordinary.
Then again, perhaps you are not impressed by the wrapping paper you see when in fact, there’s something unbelievably original, exciting and magical inside. 
Don’t fear different.
Not a square or rectangle but a hexagon.
Not a piece of string but a ball of interwoven strands.
Not a grain but a dune. 
You see a lot, perhaps too much. But there is so much more you cannot see.
Will you open your eyes to see or continue averting your gaze?

Your call.


1 Comment

  1. great way to look at our stories Chris! When we look at the many things within us to see the inside of our own self, we can find so much more. What we open our eyes too can be so empowering and the very parts of our story that we can encourage and inspire others with!

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